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Innovation driver

It is considered to play a key role in the economic competition of the 21st century: artificial intelligence. It is not the large companies that are seen as the drivers of innovation here, but the start-ups, whose groundbreaking technological solutions can influence almost all areas of our everyday lives. Far more than is already the case today. 

AI has long been used in our smartphones, image recognition software, semi-autonomous vehicles and intelligent speech recognition systems. It is always about independently working, recognizing or analyzing applications and systems. Human-oriented, post-harvest intelligence, the development of which requires technical know-how and specialists: a great opportunity for new entrepreneurs.


Among the divisions and related fields with future potential and prospects for success are


Robotics  - Pattern recognition - knowledge-based systems  - A-life


The latter point refers to the study of natural life systems by means of computer simulation, which will become even more important in the future for regenerative medicine (e.g. in the reproduction of dead cells or dysfunctional organs). After all, today we are living longer on average than ever before, and human life expectancy continues to rise incessantly.

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