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Social media has evolved in the past decade immensely. What was once seen as a communications channel between friends is now comprised of multi-billion dollar platforms that have incredible influence on people's lives.


As we’ve seen the Facebook newsfeed go from a place consisting of college students innocently sharing their travels and adventures to almost fifteen years later where post IPO their advertising platform and media capabilities have transformed our global landscape, it’s important to think about where social media is heading and the trends that are defining this next generation of users.

Video Is Front And Center

According to Adobe, 52% of marketing professionals name video as the content with the best ROI. That percentage will only increase as video becomes essential within every aspect of content and media.


Ephemeral Content Storytelling

This new form of storytelling has been embraced by users, influencers, and brands alike. With ephemeral content that only lasts 24 hours, this lends itself to a lot of testing and discoverability for brands to find what works for them. 


Companies that are looking to invest in ephemeral content storytelling can look at their competitors or other brands that are producing compelling content. Each industry has companies excelling in this form of storytelling.


Influencer Marketing Is Going Strong

By 2020 influencer marketing is on target to become a 10 billion dollar industry. The rise in influencers across all social networks, but especially YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat highlight how the millennial and Gen Z generations are embracing influencers wholeheartedly.


There are influencers in every industry that use social media storytelling to create communities. Because of this, brands can work with influencers to expand reach and bring about greater engagement.

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