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Health care Startups

Attractive options arise again primarily for young entrepreneurs with forward-looking ideas and methods. Because in the coming years, the use of digital technologies in healthcare will continue to increase. 


From modern diagnostic procedures (e.g. diagnostic apps) and innovative medical technology to digital health assistants, technology-based treatment measures and improved physician-patient referral platforms - the digital health sector serves one purpose above all else: further development of high-quality health care. 

Developments from which all parties involved could benefit. The physicians who use it, the patient and society as a whole.


Software offerings, healthcare apps and e-health solutions that offer everything from a single source stand a good chance of success. 


For example, the analysis and documentation of data or examination results as well as the optimization of existing processes and traditional, inefficient methods. There will also be a huge market in the future for Fintech solutions that facilitate the billing of doctors to the health insurance companies.

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