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Blockchain technology - labour market of the future

The future of the Blockchain determines the thematic landscape around digitization, innovation and data protection. New business areas and, for example, secure payment options beckon - but only if the doubts can be dispelled will companies give up their previous observer role and integrate the blockchain. 

Some companies are already using it to simplify the tracking of goods and contract processing in their supply chain.


Expectations for future developments are high: six out of ten entrepreneurs expect blockchain to change their industry in the next five years.


New fields of business must be developed, and micropayment as a new payment option is intended to simplify and accelerate transactions. 


Process optimizations are to optimize supply chains, and identity management is also to be improved through blockchain. 

Lengthy security queries will then be a thing of the past; queries of security-critical tasks and information within seconds would mean massive savings of time and money and increase security against hackers. 


The battle for innovative business models is on.

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