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A Smart move!

For many years, the energy sector was mainly reserved for large companies and players. With the (socially & politically demanded) energy turnaround, however, start-ups and "green" founders also get their chance. Because the energy sector of the future must be further developed and this requires innovations and smart, digital business models. No matter if it is about CO2-neutral production, renewable energies or alternative, environmentally friendly and efficient power generation methods: When talking about future-oriented industries, the term "energy" inevitably comes up. Especially since the circle of potential "buyers" or customers is large:



private homes



They all want and need intelligent solutions and technologies for - low-loss - energy transmission and storage. 


Companies that can have the greatest impact over the next five years will be defined by their ability to develop strategies to easily control and utilize the value created from decentralized assets as well as deploy Distributed Energy Ressource (D.E.R) at scale. Emerging shifts towards fleets of electric vehicles, intelligent buildings and smart grids create new opportunities and challenges. Leveraging and monetizing the power of distributed energy assets, application-specific software-based players 



The population is growing, and the need for a more secured city, with smarter navigation, intelligent interaction, and environmentally friendly innovation is rapidly increasing.

Smart Cities will help us live better, and will reduce the cost of living better, whilst improving our way of living.

Smart homes are the basis of Smart Cities, where our homes interacts with us, and gives us the comfort of control and safety, it's logically starting from the one place where us and our family spend most of our time.

Smart Living, Smart Surveillance, Smart interaction, Smart School 

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